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Yvette's Inner Geek Blog


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, or at least the place where it was at one time. I used to write about geeky topics and my life as a geek girl. I'm still a geek, but I haven't blogged here since going on hiatus in 2011.

After a frustrating series of events, my blog archives went offline unexpectedly in February 2014. Sadly, that was only the catalyst for Round 2 of Frustrating Events.

The good news is that I finally pulled my domain out of the dysfunctional wreckage that is Yahoo web hosting. I'm working to bring my blog archive back online by the end of May. After that, and I'm not promising anything here, it might return as more than an archive.

Please contain your excitement. That's how I'm interpreting the rolling of your eyes and/or the gagging sound you just made.

If you're new to me and/or my site, please head over to the main feature: the Original Geek Test. It's showing its age, but can still provide you some entertainment. Huh. Guess I could say the same about myself.

As always, embrace your inner geek!