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Geek Test version 3.14

Take the Geek Test! **UPDATED 3/14/2010 to version 3.14**

For a twist, or if your first language isn't English, try one of the foreign language versions of the Geek Test. They're not all exact translations, and may have some variation in content. Keep that in mind when comparing you scores. If you would like to see the Geek Test translated into your language, contact me. I may do more with the international geek community at a later date.

Access previous versions of the test and learn more about the how it all began if you like. Take them for fun or see how the test has evolved (with intelligent design, of course). But remember that the scoring methods have also been evolving, so not all of the tests will provide an accurate assessment of your current geek score. If you're going to brag about your scores from previous versions, be sure to mention which version you're referring to. For example, it was a lot easier to be a Geek God on first version of the test.

A lot of people ask me why the geek test updated frequently. Well, I decided to keep the version "as is" for consistency. A lot of geeks come back now and then to take the test and see if their scores have increased... it just wouldn't be good science if I kept changing the questions.

Do I know good science?

Not really, but I have watched a lot of Mr. Wizard and Quantum Leap, and I also worked at Sea World of Ohio (when it existed) for a summer. Hey, cleaning duck poop off the pavement taught me a lot about science!